Pet Insurance

Island Mobile Vet, Inc recommends all of our patients consider pet insurance. Pet insurance provides you piece of mind when it comes to your animals health. It gives a means to deal with issues as simple as a runny eye or a sudden unexpected catastrophic injury or sickness without the worry about costs as a determining factor of whether the pet gets treatment or not.

Pet insurance gives you the option to call on the vet when issues arise rather than waiting and allowing them to become more serious. Having a sick pet is emotional enough without worrying about how you are able to afford the treatment needed. Knowing you have help through insurance allows you to focus on getting your beloved animal better.

All pet insurance companies work by reimbursement to you after the vet fees are paid up front. Any paperwork or required records can be easily supplied/faxed/emailed by us.

Preferred pet insurance carriers are:

Petplan (*recommended)





*We feel the PetPlan pet insurance is by far the most complete because of its inclusion of genetic and congenital problems. However all plans are accepted, the choice is always yours.
All pet insurance policies differ in the fine print as well as there policies on congenital/genetic and preexisting conditions.
We offer all new patients a 30 day free trial of PetPlan Insurance (when activated within 24 hours of the initial exam). The plan will automatically stop in 30 days unless converted to a yearly plan.